The Team

Childhood best friends Hugo, Alex and George are the team behind O’Donnell Moonshine UK. Whilst this unlikely friendship was forged deep in the valley’s of the West Country while at school.The last half a decade saw each go on their own unique adventures, but, those are stories for another day. Only to be shared over a jar of moonshine.

Having began distributing our Moonshine in 2017 the O’Donnell Moonshine dream continues to grow each day and what began as selling a few jars to friends and family has turned into getting our moonshine sold across Europe.

Edward “Spike” O’Donnell.

The namesake for our Moonshine, Edward “Spike” O’Donnell, was the leader of the South Side O’Donnell gang, who fought the bloody “beers wars” of Chicago during the 1920s. He rivalled the Salits-McEranle Gang and the Torino-Al Capone gang, led by the legendary gangster Al Capone, for control of the Chicago Bootlegging business during prohibition.

And, yer, long story short, “Spike” lost that war. But he survived more than a dozen attempts on his life in the process, including the first recorded use of a Tommy Gun in Chicago. In fact “Spike”, the only gangster from the Capone Era to successfully retire, became one of the pioneering forces behind  the redevelopment of the Chicago area, advising politicians about how to deter young men from joining gangs. Always courteous, we couldn’t think of a better representative from which to name our moonshine, a defining character of the prohibition period who attempted to make up for some of the wrong he had committed later on in life.

O'Donnell Moonshine Clip