The O'Donnell Giftbox - The Classic

The weather is turning frosty and the holidays are knocking on the door, but you’re still racking your brain for gift ideas? 

We recommend our ever popular O’Donnell Giftbox. Simply select your chosen flavour combination for two 700ml Moonshine Mason Jars. Also included are; two 50ml Mason Jar Shot Glasses and a Pouring Lid. Everything you need for the perfect gift.

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  • Mini Sets

    Our O'Donnell Moonshine Mini Set is the perfect gift for you or anyone you think would love to try a mix of flavours. Each set offers a selection of four 50ml Shots (in either our Classic or Winter flavours) in traditional miniature Mason Jars. The set comes in a unique box and fits perfectly under any Christmas tree!

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  • Starter Kits

    Our Starter Kits are the best way to introduce someone to the world of O’Donnell Moonshines. A set consisting of a 700ml Jar in the flavour of your choice and a stylish pourer. Packaged in a stylish gift box. A simple way to please a loved one!

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  • 8er Micro Moonshine Box

    If you're looking to make someone happy, but just can't decide on flavour, then you simply can't go wrong with our 8er Micro Moonshine Box. Eight O'Donnell Micro Shots (20ml each) featuring all of our most popular flavours - ideal as a little something for everyone!

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  • Wild Berry Hot Punch Mix

    Together with our Wild Berry Moonshine this Hot Punch Mix makes the perfect festive drink for those cold and dark winter nights. Perfect for everyone already familiar with our flavours who's looking for a new way to experience one of our most popular flavours of Moonshine!

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  • Hot Chocolate Mini Set

    Our limited edition Hot Chocolate Mini Set combines the perfect blend of nutty, boozy goodness and rich, indulgent chocolate. The set includes everything you could possibly need for the ultimate hot chocolate drinking experience!

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  • Christmas Crackers

    It wouldn't be Christmas dinner without crackers! Our limited edition Moonshine crackers are sure to get any festivities off to a cracking start! Available as singles, or in a set of 5 for more value. Each cracker contains a 50ml mini of our famous Tough Nut moonshine to enjoy!

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Christmas Gifts with style - by O'Donnell Moonshine

The festive season is upon us which also means the search for the perfect Christmas Gift. If you're looking to give something special this year, look no further than O'Donnell Moonshine.

What is O'Donnell Moonshine?
Our Moonshine is more than just a drink. It's a piece of handcrafted perfection from the heart of the Americas. The vibe of the prohibition has charmed our company distillers with the passion to create unique Moonshine. Each jar tells the story of a secretive handicraft which has been passed down for generations.

The ideal Christmas Gift
Why is O'Donnell Moonshine the ideal gift? Let us give you a few reasons:

  • A unique taste

    We are offering a wide variety of flavours from fruity sweet to spicy-tart. Each kind is an experience for your tastebuds and will make you remember the enjoyment for a while.

  • Handcrafted quality

    Each jar of our Moonshine is created by hand. Our distillers take their time perfecting all the details to guarantee a product of the highest quality possible.

  • Stylisch packaging

    If you're looking to leave an impression on Christmas Eve, you can't disregard our unique style of packaging our Moonshine. Elegant design and attention to detail makes it an eye-catcher under the Christmas tree.

  • Wide variety

    Whether classics or creative limited editions, O'Donnell provides an option for any taste. Should you be unsure what to gift someone you can easily turn to our sets including a variety of flavours.

  • A touch of nostalgia

    O'Donnell Moonshine reminds of an era of secrets and adventure, back when Moonshine was made and dealt in America's backrooms. This history makes each gift special.

Gifting unforgettable moments
With O'Donnell Moonshine you're not only giving a drink but an experience. Whether for friends, family or business partners - a gift by O'Donnell makes for special moments and longlasting memories.

Go ahead and surprise your loved ones with a gift which introduces them to a brand new taste and makes for unforgettable moments. Explore the broad selection of O'Donnell Moonshine and make sure that this Holiday season will be one to remember. Cheers!