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Dragons Den

O’Donnell Moonshine at the BBC One Dragons’ Den! Our Director Max ventured in to showcase our brand & products to the Dragons Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones and Steven Bartlett. On this page you can find all information about our appearance on Dragons’ Den.


Sara Davis
It is so cool. I couldn’t love it any more and it tastes amazing.

Peter Jones
Oh my God, you’re an animal. […] I actually think that this is really clever. If not seen anything like this before. It’s nice, I like it. 

Touker Suleyman
You are smart as every German I know.

The "Dragon's Shot"

10 ml "Roasted Apple" Moonshine
10 ml "Sticky Toffee" Moonshine
10 ml "High Proof" Moonshine
10 ml Cream
A pinch of cinnamon

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