Bitter Rose (0.7l, 25% vol.)


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O’Donnell Moonshine “Bitter Rose”

  • Grapefruit, rose hip and black elderberry
  • A sharp citrusy moonshine
  • Perfect to drink pure and mixed
  • Pairs well with tonicwater
  • Made without artificial flavors
  • Grapefruit liqueur
  • 25% vol. – 700ml


O’Donnell Moonshine “Bitter Rose” – 25% vol.

Our “Bitter Rose” is a mixture of sharp, acidic grapefruit notes that combine beautifully with fruity accents of rose hip. Its distinctive red colour comes from the addition of black elderberry. The “Bitter Rose” is produced using the finest quality ingredients, no artificial flavours or dyes and contains no allergens that are subject to labelling. The balanced acidity of the grapefruit immediately awakens memories of those long hot summer days. Its distinctive red colour, citrus notes and bittersweet taste make this liqueur a truly unique temptation. At 25% vol. the “Bitter Rose” is delicious neat and in a variety of summer drinks.

As with all of our liqueurs, “Bitter Rose” is created only using the best available ingredients and traditional recipes manufactured according to old rules of craftsmanship. All our creations are bottled in original American “Mason Jars”, which we import directly from the US.

We recommend 6cl “Bitter Rose” and tonic water finished off with a slice of fresh grapefruit. You can find more recipes on our recipe page.

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