Roasted Apple (0.7l, 20% vol.)


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O’Donnell Moonshine “Roasted Apple”

  • Fruity and sweet apple
  • With notes of almond, vanilla and cinnamon
  • Rounded off with a touch of lemon
  • Apple Liqueur
  • 20% vol. – 700ml


O’Donnell Moonshine “Roasted Apple” – 20% Vol.

Our “Roasted Apple” is a smooth and tempting moonshine liqueur made from almond, apple, cinnamon and vanilla blended with our “high proof” spirit, the flavour is then tied together with a squeeze of lemon added just moments before bottling.

All of our apples come from orchards situated within Europe while meet stringent quality standards. “Roasted Apple” is our sweetest liqueur and is perfect for all seasons.

As with all our liqueurs, “Roasted Apple” is created only using the finest quality ingredients and traditional recipes manufactured according to old rules of craftsmanship. All our creations are bottled in original American Mason Jars, which we import directly from the US. Being the lightest of our liqueurs at 20%, Roasted Apple is extremely versatile in cocktails, but our recommendation lies with ginger beer or over ice. You can find more recipes on our recipe page.

Moonshine was illegal alcohol produced during the American prohibition. Those days gave rise to stories of gangsters, bootleggers and hedonism.

O’Donnell moonshine brings back a taste of those lawless days with a grain based spirit distilled using traditional techniques and bottled in original mason jars.

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  1. Linda Tomsett

    I bought this to have a good night in with friends and we loved it!! We finished it off in one night and it was totally delicious…
    It’s like a good apple pie in a glass. I highly recommend it!

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