Tough Nut (0.7l, 25% vol.)


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O’Donnell Moonshine “Tough Nut”

  • Our bestseller!
  • Made with hazelnut and fine caramel
  • Tastes of nougat & chocolate spread
  • Bottled in an original Mason jars
  • Hazelnut liqueur
  • 25% vol. – 700ml


O’Donnell Moonshine “Tough Nut” – 25% vol.

“Tough Nut” is a soft and velvety moonshine liqueur made from hazelnuts, caramel and nougat blended with our “High Proof” spirit.

As with all our liqueurs, “Tough Nut” is created only using the finest quality ingredients and traditional recipes manufactured according to the old rules of craftsmanship. All our creations are bottled in original American “Mason Jars”, which we import directly from the US. The “Tough Nut” is a delight to drink both neat and in addition to milk or even coffee. You can find more recipes on our recipe page.

Moonshine was illegal alcohol produced during the American prohibition. Those days gave rise to stories of gangsters, bootleggers and hedonism.

O’Donnell moonshine brings back a taste of those lawless days with a grain based spirit distilled using traditional techniques and bottled in original mason jars.

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  1. Hugo Cooke

    What a find!! Saw this at the Great British Tattoo convention and have ordered it twice since! Love it.

  2. C.Elms (verified owner)

    Absolutely AMAZING!!!! Had a taste of it at the Edinburgh Christmas market and bought two. Now buying another two as my family wants some too 🙂 Fast delivery and wonderful product.

  3. Mr Keith Knox

    Found this at Edinburgh Christmas market. Probably the best alcohol drink I’ve ever tasted. Absolutely delicious, you won’t be disappointed. New order coming!!

  4. Paul Stepczak

    Bought at Salisbury Xmas market. Tastes awesome. Will definitely be ordering more!

  5. Jennifer Griggs

    Love this! Tried and liked all three a lot, but tough nut had the edge. Great taste and so smooth it slips down a little too easily…..bitter rose next 👊🏻

  6. Tracey Young

    My hubby got some at Christmas from our son, wow, this is stunning. Will be purchasing some more as I’ve now a taste of it.

  7. Ian Roworth

    I’m a returning customer I was given this as a Christmas present absolutely love it will be ordering this regularly just simply a special taste.

  8. Kiz

    Bought some at the Great North Tattoo convention 2018, and oh my god it’s great. I have asked for more for Xmas!

  9. Nathan Cresswell

    Bought this at the great british tattoo show such a lovely and well balanced drink either straight or mixed in with coffee. You will not be disappointed with buy.

  10. Victory

    Bought this at the Greenwich Urban Village Fete this year and it was glorious, as a lover of hazlenuts, this really was a treat for the senses. It goes down very smoothly and I will defo be ordering some more!

  11. jamie (verified owner)

    Found at great british tattoo convention 2018. Had 3 jars since may. Tough nut is the s**t son!

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