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Advent calendar 2021
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dispatched from end of October

The O'Donnell Moonshine Advent calendar!

  • NEW FLAVOUR: exclusive 700ml Christmas Liqueur 
  • Contains our most popular flavours in different sizes 
  • New merchandise 
  • A voucher worth at least £10, £20, £50 or £100 (min £10 guaranteed) 
  • All products are worth £190 in total 
  • Shipping: from 29th of October 

This year's advent calendar contains our most popular Moonshine flavours, exclusive products and our new and exclusive Christmas Liqueur, which is only available in the advent calendar. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Moonshine or a Moonshine connoisseur, our calendar has taste experiences and surprises for everyone. The calendar is made of climate neutral cardboard and as always, all products are made with high quality ingredients and materials. 

Don’t forget, the advent calendar is limited and only available while stock lasts. So be quick and pre-order your advent calendar now! 

Attention: Spoiler Alert! Are you curious to know what you’ll find in the advent calendar?

FAQ with detailed information:

  • How much Moonshine is in the advent calendar?
    There are seventeen different sized Moonshine jars in the advent calendar. 
  • How many different flavours are in the advent calendar?
    Six different flavours: Tough Nut, Sticky Toffee, Macadamia, Roasted Apple, Wild Berry and the new Christmas flavour.
  • When can I buy the new Christmas flavour separately?
    This year’s Christmas flavour will not be on sale. It is only available in the advent calendar.  
  • Is the content of the advent calendar the same as last year?
    No, the calendar has different items than last year. Besides a few best sellers, you can look forward to plenty of new products as well as the exclusive Christmas flavour. 
  • When will the calendar be shipped?
    All orders containing the Advent calendar will be shipped from the 29th of October. 
  • What kind of voucher is in the calendar?
    In every Advent calendar you’ll find a voucher for at least £10. You can use it in the O’Donnell online shop. If you get lucky you might even get a £20, £50 or £100 voucher which we have hidden in some calendars.  
  • Is it worth buying the calendar if I already own some flavoured Moonshine?
    You’ll find our bestsellers in the calendar, an exclusive Christmas flavour and a small Moonshine surprise. Even if you already have some Moonshine in your bar at home, it doesn’t hurt to replenish your stock or to surprise your friends and family. You can never have enough Moonshine. 
  • Are all Moonshines in the calendar vegan?
    Yes, all our Moonshines are vegan. 
  • What about allergens?
    Our spirits and liqueurs are suitable for people with allergies. The advent calendar contains one item that is not suitable for people with allergies.  

These are the items in the calendar:

  • 1x O'Donnell Moonshine Christmas Liqueur (700ml / 25% vol.)
  • 12x O‘Donnell Liqueur (50ml, 25% & 20% vol.)
  • 4x O‘Donnell Liqueur (20ml, 25% vol.)
  • 2x O‘Donnell Moonshine Liqueur-Pralines (Best before: 01/22)
  • 7x Original O‘Donnell Moonshine Merchandise (e.g. Socks, Candle and more)
  • 1x Voucher worth at least £10 up to £20, £50 or £100