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Limited Firewater Edition

700ml62% ABV
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Fire for your Tastebuds - the O'Donnell Firewater Edition 

  • The Firewater Edition consists of the 'Firewater' Spirit, a wooden box and matches 
  • 62% Vol. ‘Firewater’ (Clear Spirit, 700ml), perfect to start a fire with and even better for drinking
  • Wooden Box featuring the O’Donnell design, destroy it for the fire or use it as decoration
  • Limited Edition
  • Natural flavours only | gluten & allergen free | vegan
  • Please note: all our products are shipped in branded boxes.

The Firewater edition consists of 3 separate products, which guarantee a whole lot of fun if used together: a wooden box featuring the O’Donnell design, the new 62% Vol. ‘Firewater’ spirit and a box of matches. 

You can smash the wooden box, add it to your bonfire, pour over ‘Firewater’ and light it on fire. But the spirit doesn’t just burn well, it tastes even better. That’s why we recommend: burn less, drink more. Check the Cocktail section for some inspiration on how you can enjoy the new limited edition.