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Set of Moonshine Jars (3x 700ml) including 3 Pourers

Set of Moonshine Jars (3x 700ml) including 3 Pourers
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Choose any combination of our favourite liqueurs and receive 3 handcrafted pouring sprouts free for each bottle! 

  • 3x 700ml Jars of your choice
  • 3x Pouring Lids
  • Selectable varieties: Bitter Rose, Roasted Apple, Tough Nut, Wild Berry, Sticky Toffee, Macadamia
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"Bitter Rose" is an outrageous, truly original collision of flavours. Our traditional high-proof spirit plays host to a taste explosion of sharp grapefruit notes which unite beautifully with the fruity accents of rose hip. Its distinctive colour comes from the careful addition of black elderberry.

The flagship “Tough Nut” (25% ABV) is a delight to enjoy neat, over ice, as a seductive accompaniment to coffee – or as the ultimate cocktail mixer! We recommend a “Tough Nut” White Russian or an Espresso Martini, but the limit is simply your imagination and you’ll find more great inspirations on our mixology page. 

Our "Roasted Apple" is a smooth and tempting moonshine liqueur, a delectable combination of apples, almond, cinnamon and vanilla blended with our high-proof spirit. These sumptuous flavours are then tied together with a squeeze of lemon added just moments before bottling.

Wild Berry” is a unique liqueur crafted from authentic high-proof moonshine spirit, made from a blend of summer fruits giving that exuberant flavour bursting with refreshing notes of blackberry, raspberry and currants.

Our "Sticky Toffee" is shaped through slowly melted fine sugar, which flourishes in a light but flavourful caramel aroma. The taste instantly takes you back to your Grandparents favourite Toffee’s, but with a shot of our best schnapps to give the toffee a kick even your grandparents would love!

Our "Macadamia" is a liqueur that suits every occasion. Hard shell, soft core - no other nut fits this description better than the macadamia. With its creamy, buttery and slightly sweet aroma, this exotic nut enhances the moonshine liquor to make a fine tasting experience.