Gang Updates

Gang Updates

We have streamlined our Gang benefits, which means that it's easier than ever to earn rewards and collect proof points (Gang rewards are not available for wholesale customers).

Some of the new benefits are:

  • You can now earn Proof when gaining a new rank
  • A Birthday voucher
  • Redeem proof in the shopping cart for vouchers
  • New conversion, £1 = 1 proof

What has changed with our Proof

All proof has been divided by 10. 

From now on it’s £1 = 1 proof and no longer £1 = 10 proof points. How come? This makes the conversion a bit more intuitive for you. Your proof status has been divided by 10 - so don't be alarmed, the points are still worth just as much


New benefits include:

Birthday Vouchers

From now on we will give you a personal discount every year on your Birthday! Simply enter your birthday date in your Gang account and your Birthday treat will be sent straight to your email. 

Proof can now be redeemed for vouchers

So far, you could only collect proofs and exchange them for free products. You can of course continue to do this however, we have added another option for you: redeem proofs for vouchers.

Additionally, you can now redeem proofs for vouchers. Previously, you could only exchange proofs for free products. With the new update you cab exchange 100 Proof Points for a £10 voucher (minimum spend £100) and 150 Proof Points for a £15 voucher (minimum spend £120). 

* Vouchers will require you to clear your cache data in order for the discount to appear *

Higher you are, the more proof you get!

As you move up in ranks (depending on your annual order value), your newly collected Proofs will be worth more! We multiply them by 1.25 for Bootleggers and by 1.5 for Chiefs

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