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O'Donnell Moonshine - Handmade spirits from Manchester

Following the traditions we use only the best natural ingredients for our brandies and liqueurs. We bottle these in original Mason Jars - just like the gangsters during the American prohibition - to make the unique taste experience complete.

Almost a hundred years ago in the United States the 18th amendment was passed banning the production, sale and distribution of alcohol. The clandestine era of distilling by moonlight had begun.


Just brought from the Oxford Christmas Market. Was unbelievable how smooth the drink was as a 50% strength spirit. Could drink straight with ease and tastes amazing with any mixer. – Tough Nut

David Miller

The only problem with this stuff… there isn’t enough of it!! It’s beautifully balanced bottled bliss and my new absolute favourite tipple! - Roasted Apple

Merry Ruggles

Found at great British tattoo convention 2018. Had 3 jars since may. Tough Nut is the s**t son! 


This stuff is delicious. I have found myself drinking it straight out of the jar. My other half has even stopped giving me strange looks because he’s tasted it and understands why I couldn’t wait for a glass. - Bitter Rose


Wow! Absolutely love this product. Bought it to try as we had run out of our favourite toffee vodka. This product is far superior to any other similar product that I have tasted. Smooth, rich toffee flavour and with a punch at 50 proof. Get one while they’re still available! - Sticky Toffee


I got a bottle of this from the NEC good food show and loved it. in the hot summer we have had i especially enjoyed it mixed with some lemonade and poured over crushed ice. Amazing!!!  - Bitter Rose

Thomas Culpan

Tried all three at The Long Road festival in September, completely hooked, received our Bitter Rose order today, will be ordering more. Angela and Alan. 


Beautiful drink got it at Sheffield Christmas market and drink it straight with ice - Bitter Rose


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