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O’Donnell Moonshine produces spirits using only natural ingredients. Bottled in original mason jars.

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Almost a hundred years ago, the 18th amendment was passed (1919-1930) in the United States banning the production, sale and distribution of alcohol. The time of prohibition had begun.

A clandestine era of secrecy was dawning. The Moonshiners time had arrived. Farmers quick began to produce Moonshine in their back yard, selling their product to smugglers, also know as “bootleggers” in the iconic “Mason Jars” to be distributed across the US. O’Donnell Moonshine aims to bring this legendary spirit into the 21st century.

Our moonshine is made only using traditional methods and the best available ingredients. Keeping with tradition, we only use US produced “Mason Jars” to bottle our Moonshine. O’Donnell Moonshine is proud to have developed 4 different types of moonshine to this day. Our Original (38 abv), wheat based spirit, brings back the taste of old with a smooth finish. Our three liqueurs, “Roasted Apple” (20 abv) with a touch of cinnamon and vanilla, “Bitter Rose” (25 abv) made with grapefruit and our “Tough Nut” (25 abv) made from nougat and caramel with a hint of whisky, add a modern twist to our classic spirit.


The namesake for our Moonshine, Edward “Spike” O’Donnell, was the leader of the South Side O’Donnell gang, who fought the bloody “beers wars” of Chicago during the 1920s. He had little scruple when it came to fighting with others gangster, but he paid attention to quality and was a defining character in the golden era of moonshine.

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