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Set of 3 Moonshine Jars

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By buying this product you will receive 750 Proof


Choose any combination of our favourite liqueurs and receive 3 handcrafted pouring sprouts free for each bottle! 

  • 3x 700ml Jars of your choice
  • incl. 3x Pouring Lids
  • Selectable varieties: Roasted Apple, Tough Nut, Wild Berry, Sticky Toffee, Macadamia
  • Free Shipping (if your order is over £70 after any discount codes applied)
  • Natural flavours only | gluten & allergen free | vegan
  • Please note: all our products are packaged in branded boxes.

The flagship “Tough Nut” (25% ABV) is a delight to enjoy neat, over ice, as a seductive accompaniment to coffee – or as the ultimate cocktail mixer! We recommend a “Tough Nut” White Russian or an Espresso Martini, but the limit is simply your imagination and you’ll find more great inspirations on our mixology page. 

Our "Roasted Apple" is a smooth and tempting moonshine liqueur, a delectable combination of apples, almond, cinnamon and vanilla blended with our high-proof spirit. These sumptuous flavours are then tied together with a squeeze of lemon added just moments before bottling.

'Lemon Drizzle'. A real lemon moonshine. The taste will bring you back to your childhood lemonade stand, only this time for adults! Our Lemon Drizzle is sour and refreshing - the perfect alcoholic drink for a summer evening.

Wild Berry” is a unique liqueur crafted from authentic high-proof moonshine spirit, made from a blend of summer fruits giving that exuberant flavour bursting with refreshing notes of blackberry, raspberry and currants.

Our "Sticky Toffee" is shaped through slowly melted fine sugar, which flourishes in a light but flavourful caramel aroma. The taste instantly takes you back to your Grandparents favourite Toffee’s, but with a shot of our best schnapps to give the toffee a kick even your grandparents would love!

Our "Macadamia" is a liqueur that suits every occasion. Hard shell, soft core - no other nut fits this description better than the macadamia. With its creamy, buttery and slightly sweet aroma, this exotic nut enhances the moonshine liquor to make a fine tasting experience. 

"Cookie" has tastes of subtle chocolate and a wintry bakery - like homemade cookies, only without the crumbs. Combining high quality ingredients together, fine notes of vanilla and caramel complete the special taste of this premium liqueur.