Aperitivo Spritz

Aperitivo Spritz

About our Aperitivo

Dating back to its Italian roots, the Aperitivo Spritz has gained prominence as a timeless classic in the realm of cocktails. Its origins can be traced to the rich tradition of pre-dinner drinks in Italy. While we can't transport you to the picturesque landscapes of Italy, we can certainly share the secret recipe for our Aperitivo Spritz! Forget about Aperol and Campari, this classic Italian cocktail is a perfect blend of bitter and sweet and is ideal as an aperitif or for a relaxing evening with friends.


150 ml Prosecco

50ml Aperitivo

10ml sparkling water

Lime slice or zest for garnish



Now that you know the history and ingredients of the Aperitivo Spritz, it's time to prepare the perfect drink. Fill a large wine glass with ice then add the prosecco, Aperitivo and sparkling water to your glass. Then stir the ingredients together gently and garnish with a lime slice.

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