O Donnell Moonshine Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake


  • 35ml Pink Gin 
  • 10ml Vanilla Syrup
  • 10ml Raspberry Syrup
  • 20ml Roasted Apple 
  • 10ml Supasawa (Lemon and Lime juice mix)
  • Angostura Orange Bitters
  • 50ml Apple Juice
  • 6 Raspberries
  • Cream
  • Hundreds and Thousands 


  1. Add raspberries to a shaker and muddle
  2. Add pink gin, vanilla syrup, raspberry syrup, roasted apple, supasawa, apple juice and two dashes of Angostura orange bitters.
  3. Shake with a little bit of ice and double strain
  4. Add to a glass 
  5. Garnish with Cream and Hundreds and Thousands 

Included flavours

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