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Christmas Hot Punch - make your own festive Moonshine drink!

If you’re not in the mood for mulled wine at the Christmas market, why not create your own Christmas Hot Punch at home? Here at O’Donnell Moonshine we got you covered with delicious liqueurs, drink accessories and plenty of recipe ideas. 

One thing certainly can’t be missing from your festive drink, the main ingredient - our premium liqueur that is made using high quality ingredients. While we have a whole range of flavours of our Mason Jar liqueur, we recommend ‘Sticky Toffee’ Moonshine for an extra special Christmas drink. 

For four cups of ‘Toffee Ginger Punch’ you’ll need 250ml Sticky Toffee Moonshine, 750ml Ginger Beer, spices such as cinnamon and cloves as well as fresh rosemary and oranges. Just warm up all ingredients and create the Christmas market feeling right in your living room. Order your Sticky Toffee Moonshine now and if you’re still looking for Christmas presents for your loved ones, explore our selection of Moonshine gifts.
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