O Donnell Moonshine Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day, an annual event to show support for environmental protection. Here at O’Donnell Moonshine we care about our planet and our impact on it which is why sustainability is incredibly important to us. 

To show our commitment to the planet, we implemented a variety of measures to ensure that our products do not have a negative impact on the environment. These measures are 

  • Our products are 100% plastic free 
  • Our delivery is plastic free
  • We promote and encourage upcycling of our Mason Jars 
  • We always aim to develop new products that give your empty Moonshine jars a new purpose. Check out our Soap Dispenser Lid, Salt and Pepper Lids or our Upcycling Set 

For further upcycling ideas, check out our Instagram account (@odonnellmoonshineuk) where we regularly share upcycling ideas on our story and feed. 

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