An update on our changes

An update on our changes

! Important information – Changes effective from 01.02.2023 !

For a long time, we have resisted increasing our prices. However, our business has been faced with considerable price increases from all of our suppliers throughout 2022 and we have tried everything to absorb the additional costs. Unfortunately, we have now reached a point where this is no longer sustainable.

It is our priority to keep delivering to you the same quality product that you are used to. That includes using high quality ingredients, sustainable packaging materials and also offering fair conditions for the O’Donnell Moonshine team.

That is why, after a long period of weighing up, we have come to the decision that we will have to slightly increase our prices for selected products. As of 01.02.2023, our 700ml jars, Giftboxes and Set of 3 jars will increase in price (our new price is £26.90 for flavoured jars, £36.90 for High Proof, £56.90 for Giftbox, £79.90 for the set of 3 jars).

All other products maintain their current pricing. We have not taken this decision lightly, but unfortunately it is the only way to keep our quality standards at their current levels.

As of 01.02.2023, the new pricing will be implemented in all channels for O’Donnell Moonshine. Until then, you can still purchase our products at our old prices on our website:

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

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