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Moonshine Ice Lollies Moonshine Ice Lollies

Remember when you were younger and there was nothing better than enjoying a refreshing ice cold lolly in the summer heat with classic flavours like lemonade, cola and blackcurrant? Well we have an adult version of this for you! Our answer to classic ice lollies:

Double Lemon Drizzle 

50ml of Lemon Drizzle

350ml of Lemonade

Lemon Drizzle Cola 

50ml of Lemon Drizzle

350ml of Cola

Wild Berry Berry

50ml of Wild Berry

350ml of Lemonade 

Mixed berries (as little or as many as you'd like)

It's the same for all 3- mix the Moonshine with the soft drink, pour in the ice lolly trays. Freeze and enjoy!