Moonshine Myth Busting

Moonshine Myth Busting

Although Moonshine did start out as an illegal drink due to the prohibition era in the 1920’s , there are still many myths surrounding Moonshine and we are here to debunk some of them. 

Myth 1- It's and illegal drink

Moonshine is not illegal to drink or produce, in fact Moonshine is legal to drink but it's illegal to be created and produced at home. 

Myth 2- Moonshine burns your mouth

This isn't at all true, our Moonshine is created with the highest quality ingredients and tastes delicious.

Myth 3- Moonshine makes you go blind

This is an ancient wive’s tale; Moonshine will not make you go blind. However, if it is made incorrectly this could be a possibility but we would never recommend producing your own home Moonshine. 

Myth 4- Moonshine can be used as car fuel

This is a very funny one, many think that you could run your car on Moonshine. Driving your car on a tank full of alcohol requires that alcohol be a minimum of 150 proof (75% ABV), and that is if you don’t mind a good bit of sputtering. To be an effective substitute for petrol, the alcohol needs to be 170 proof which our Moonshine definitely is not! 

Myth 5- The taste is very strong

This myth can all be based on personal preference; we have a large range of Moonshines spanning all different flavours from Tough Nut to Lemon Drizzle. This myth can be purely based on what you define as a strong-tasting drink. Our Moonshines tend to taste very sweet and flavourful and reflect the flavour that they are. 

Myth 6- You have to drink it straight/neat

Many people think that Moonshine doesn't mix well with other drinks and mixers, but this is completely false! Our Moonshines pair really well with other alcohols especially in cocktails, we actually have a large collection of cocktails that can be made using our Moonshine here-

It's delicious served neat on its own but it is a great substitute from other traditional alcohols in cocktails and drinks. 

Myth 7- It's made in toilets

This one just speaks for itself- we don't think there is much explaining to this one!

Myth 8- Legal Moonshine is inauthentic 

Moonshine is essentially just a high proof spirit and what sets our moonshine apart from other spirits is that we use the traditional methods and production as they would in the 1920’s, which is in keeping with traditional Moonshine. Moonshine has a unique history and heritage and has evolved to finding its place in history today and if you ask us it probably tastes better today too!

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