Ultimate ODM Pancakes

Ultimate ODM Pancakes

Who doesn't love fresh pancakes smothered in your favourite Moonshine? 


Scotch/American style pancakes

Macadamia sauce:

250g white Chocolate

50ml Macadamia moonshine

3 tbsp of double cream

Tough Nut sauce:

250g milk chocolate 

100ml Tough Nut 

2 tbsp chocolate spread

100ml chocolate milk

Wild Berry compote:

250g frozen mixed berries

100g Wild Berry moonshine

50g caster sugar 

Juice of half a lemon

Mint to garnish


For the Macadamia sauce add all ingredients to a pan on medium to low heat, mix until chocolate is melted and glossy. In a separate pan, for the Tough Nut sauce add all ingredients into the pan on low heat, stir until chocolate melts. Put both sauces aside. Add all the compote ingredients to a pan at medium heat, mix and wait for it to reduce. 

Assemble pancake stack, add sauces as much or as little as you like and enjoy!

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