Upcycling your jars- The O'Donnell Moonshine Lamp

Upcycling your jars- The O'Donnell Moonshine Lamp

We all know the O'Donnell gang will have some left-over jars at home. You have probably already filled some of our jars with pasta, muesli, upcycled them with the soap attachments or have even turned them into candles

But there comes a point when you have enough storage containers and candles, and you don't need another glass mason jar glass which only means one thing- new upcycling projects are needed! That's where our O'Donnell lamp comes in handy. With a bit of craftsmanship and an empty glass, you can easily build them yourself and quite literally ‘light up’ a room. And we'll show you how it's done! 

For the O'Donnell lamp you will need:

  • 1 empty moonshine jar 
  • power cord
  • glass drill
  • oil
  • strong alcohol for cleaning 
  • duct tape
  • spray paint
  • hairdryer
  • Lampshade including socket
  • pen
  • Cutter knife or nail scissors
  • electrical tape
  • Bulb (E27 or E14


Step 1:

Rinse the O'Donnell Glass with water and let dry.

Step 2:

Use the glass drill to drill a hole for the power cable, preferably 1cm above the glass bottom and on the back. Drill quickly and without pressure, you can also use oil so that the drill doesn't get too hot, and it will also protect the glass. 

Step 3:

Rinse the glass thoroughly with water and then clean the inside with high-proof alcohol.

Step 4:

Cover the top edge of the bottle with masking tape and then spray the inside with the desired colour. Use a blow dryer to help speed up the drying time of the paint if you don't have time to wait. 

Step 5:

Use the socket as a template to mark the diameter on the lid (on the inside). Thus, the lid lies straight on the ground. The drawing should be a little bit bigger than the lid. This will ensure that the frame has some slack and fits properly.

Step 6:

Cut out the template with a cutter knife. This can take several attempts. If necessary, nail scissors that are slightly curved will do. Note that the edges will be sharp afterwards.

Step 7:

Now put the socket through the cut-out and then the lampshade on the socket, then fix both with the screw ring on the lid.

Step 8:

Put the cable through the hole that was drilled in the lower area and lead it to the upper hole in the lid. Be careful when routing the cable to avoid scratching the inside of the glass. The cable should look at least 5cm out of the upper opening.

Step 9:

Both cables now need to be stripped. To do this, use the cutter knife to cut off the insulating material at the end of the cable. After that, 2 blue and brown cables should appear. Then strip this with the cutter knife (approx. 1-2 cm). Then connect the cables with the respective colour (blue to blue and brown to brown) and then isolate them individually with insulating tape. This is very important, otherwise a short circuit may occur.

Step 10:

Now carefully screw the lid with the screen and socket onto the glass.

Step 11:

Now screw the bulb (E27 or E14) into the socket and plug the plug into the socket.

Have fun with your new lamp!

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