Welcome new Moonshiners!

Welcome new Moonshiners!

We were actually in the dragon's cave and did well. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough for an investment, but we were able to gain great experiences and everyone liked our moonshine. As we told you, the Dragons are not easy to crack.

Despite all this, we would like to welcome all new moonshiners and are glad that you have found us. We would also like to cordially invite all those who are not yet in our “Gang”. Join and benefit from many advantages such as discount campaigns, a loyalty points program, exclusive products and much more! Admission to our gang is of course free of charge.

If you are not yet fully convinced of our booze, we’ d like to give it another try. 
  • You get a product with high-quality ingredients, no matter what flavour. 
  • Our moonshine is made according to American tradition and filled in authentic Mason Jars. 
  • These not only look unique, but can also be given away perfectly and are a real eye-catcher.

You can not only enjoy our moonshine pure, but also mix delicious cocktails with it.

What are you waiting for? Get your O'Donnell Moonshine and join our gang!
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