The O'Donnell Giftbox - The Classic

We recommend our ever popular O’Donnell Giftbox. Simply select your chosen flavour combination for two 700ml Moonshine Mason Jars. Also included are; two 50ml Mason Jar Shot Glasses and a Pouring Lid. Everything you need for the perfect gift.

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Our brand new flavour

  • Mini Sets

    Our O'Donnell Moonshine Mini Set is the perfect gift for anyone you think would love to try a mix of flavours. Each set offers a selection of four 50ml Shots (in either our Classic or Summer flavours) in traditional miniature Mason Jars.

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  • Starter Kits

    Our Starter Kits are the best way to introduce someone to the world of O’Donnell Moonshine. A set consisting of a 700ml Jar in the flavour of your choice and a pouring lid. All packaged in a stylish gift box.

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  • 8er Micro Moonshine Box

    If you're looking to make someone happy but just can't decide on a flavour, then you can't go wrong with our 8er Micro Moonshine Box. Eight O'Donnell Micro Shots (20ml each) featuring all of our most popular flavours!

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  • O Donnell Moonshine Lighter


    The O’Donnell Lighter features a clean and simple American style design and is the perfect pocket sized accessory for the Moonshine fan in your life. The metal is robust, and the cap protects the lighter from dampness and dust. This lighter is refillable. It is shipped without lighter fluid.

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  • Hip Flask

    The Hip Flask from O'Donnell Moonshine is the perfect accessory for Moonshine on the go. The flask is made from stainless steel and has a 180ml (6oz) capacity. With it's sleek, matt black finish and simple branded design, it's a must have for every O'Donnell fan or fan in the making!

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  • BBQ Sauce

    Keep the fire burning this summer with the new recipe 'Sweet & Spicy' barbeque sauce from O'Donnell. The smoky and fruity flavour of this sauce is elevated with notes of our famous 'Tough Nut' Moonshine. This sauce works perfectly as a marinade, dip or glaze and is perfect for fans of big flavour!

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Gifting with style - by O'Donnell Moonshine

Whatever the season, there is always reason enough to make your loved ones happy and we're providing the goods for you. If you're looking to give something special, look no further than O'Donnell Moonshine.

What is O'Donnell Moonshine?
Our Moonshine is more than just a drink. It's a piece of handcrafted perfection from the heart of the USA. The vibe of the prohibition has charmed our company distillers with the passion to create unique Moonshine. Each jar tells the story of a secretive handicraft which has been passed down for generations.