What makes our winter flavours so special?

Is there anything better than cosying up with the perfect tipple during the cold season? Not only can you enjoy our winter flavours neat but also in a cocktail or long drink. Looking for an adult hot chocolate? Maybe a hot punch O'Donnell Moonshine style? Thanks to all our cocktail recipes there's no shortage of ideas.

  • Roasted Apple

    A winter classic you won't want to miss! A mouth-watering combination of apples, almond, cinnamon and vanilla blended with our high-proof spirit. If you’re a fan of Amaretto paired with sweet apples, you will find a new favourite in our Roasted Apple Moonshine.

    • Fruity and sweet apple liquor with notes of almond, vanilla and cinnamon
    • Rounded off with a touch of lemon
    • Natural flavours only | gluten & allergen free* | vegan
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  • Cookie

    For those looking for something sweet, Cookie is the way to go. High quality ingredients such as vanilla and caramel create the delicious taste of this premium Moonshine liquor.

    • The taste of fresh, homemade cookies
    • Subtle notes of chocolate, with a hint of vanilla and caramel
    • Natural flavours only | gluten & allergen free* | vegan
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  • Macadamia

    If it's a classy and refined experience you're looking for, say hello to Macadamia. With its creamy, buttery and slightly sweet aroma, this nutty flavour enhances our Moonshine liquor to make a fine tasting experience. Pro-tip: Enjoy this one as an Adult Hot Chocolate on the cold days!

    • Delicate nut liquor with a tempting sweetness
    • Fine notes of vanilla
    • Natural flavours only | gluten & allergen free* | vegan
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