How to Drink O'Donnell Moonshine!

How to Drink O'Donnell Moonshine!

We get a lot of questions about how to drink our Moonshine. What does it work well with? Can you drink it neat? The list goes on! So, now we've decided to break things down for you!

In reality, Moonshine is an incredibly versatile drink. Not only do all our Moonshines work great over ice, the combinations you can create with various mixers and garnishes are endless! However, using our experience from our extensive tasting and testing, we've put together this guide to what are, in our opinion, some of the the best Moonshine parings possible!

- High Proof - 

We're starting with our classic High Proof Moonshine. This is our nod to the original Moonshine of the prohibition. Smooth and triple distilled, and coming in at a tasty 50% ABV, this versatile clear spirit always packs a punch!

How to Drink it:

The king of cocktails, you will find High Proof featuring in many of our delicious and flamboyant cocktail recipes, but as a simple mix, we recommend High Proof paired with a high quality Tonic Water and fresh lemon; super refreshing and crisp. 


- Tough Nut - 

Our famous Tough Nut Moonshine is our best seller for a reason! It's delicious notes of hazelnut, smooth caramel and velvety nougat is warming and 'dangerously delicious' if you haven't tried this one yet, we think it's more than time you did!

How to Drink it. 

We think Tough Nut works best served neat over ice. The smooth spirit slips down easily and without a mixer, the drinker is able to appreciate it's full-bodied flavours in all their glory.


- Sticky Toffee - 

Another one of our most popular flavours! With rich flavours of smooth toffee, this delicious Moonshine will take you back to your primary school days and the classic British Sticky Toffee Pudding - only this time, with a kick!

How to Drink it

We think Sticky Toffee works best in Coffee! It's sweet flavour balances perfectly with the bitterness of a fresh brewed espresso.

- Very Cherry - 

Our number 2 seller, but this underdog definitely rivals Tough Nut with it's unrivalled drinking experience. Our Very Cherry features the finest natural flavours of deep cherry and vanilla.

How to Drink it 

We think Very Cherry works best with Cola to create the ultimate Cherry Cola with a kick! It's sweet and rich, yet also refreshing! Perfect for a warm summers day!


- Wild Berry - 

Winner of the Spirits Business Awards top 'Taste Master Award, this is one flavour that no O'Donnell fan should miss! Wild Berry has a sweet yet tart flavour with notes of blackberry, raspberries and summer currants.

How to Drink it

Like our High Proof, we think Wild Berry goes best with Tonic Water. It's bright and fruity flavours cut through the sharpness of the Tonic Water to elevate the Moonshine tasting experience.

Roasted Apple - 

A fan favourite among our Winter Range, Roasted Apple has a warming full fruit flavour, with hints of almond, cinnamon that is reminiscent of a freshly baked Apple Pie!

How to Drink it

We think Roasted Apple works best paired with a simple Ginger Beer to elevate the spiciness of the Moonshine while creating a warming feel; perfect for a winters night or long summer nights when the temperature drops!


- Cookie - 

Our sweet and rich Cookie Moonshine tastes like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, with notes of fine chocolate, vanilla and caramel!

How to Drink it

To get the most from the sweet flavours of Cookie, without them becoming overwhelming, we think this flavour works best in a milkshake! It also creates the ultimate boozy desert cocktail.


- Macadamia -

Our Macadamia Moonshine is mellow and soft. Less sweet than much of our Winter Range, with warm buttery notes. Think of it as being Tough Nut's sophisticated sister!

How to Drink it

With notes of Macadamia and vanilla, we think this one is best served in hot chocolate to help compliment it's creaminess and subtle vanilla notes.


- Passion Fruit - 

Our most popular summer flavour; made with real Passion Fruit juice, Passion Fruit is sweet and bright with tropical fruity notes.

How to Drink it

We think Passion Fruit works best with lemonade, which adds a zingy sharpness and compliments its sweet notes, creating a refreshing long drink.


- Blood Orange - 

Blood Orange is one of our richest summer flavours, with it's deep colour and zesty tang, this spirit, made with real blood orange juice, is sure to impress at parties.

How to Drink it

We think Blood Orange goes best with a simple soda, which helps keep the natural Blood Orange flavours strong, while creating a crisp and refreshing summer Spritzer!


- Aperitivo - 

Aperitivo is our take on a classic aperitif. With bitter citrus notes, well balanced with a mix of herbs and gentle sweetness, we think this is the perfect summertime drink.

How to Drink it

We think Aperitivo goes best with Prosecco or simply a sparkling wine. It's bitterness pairs perfectly with the soft flavours of the wine. Refreshing and fizzy this perfect serve is ideal for lunch in the sun. 


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