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High High Proof

700ml72% ABV
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Gang Proof

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  • Triple distilled and filtered
  • Clear & strong (144 proof)
  • Natural flavours only | gluten & allergen free | vegan
  • 700ml Jar (without pouring lid
  • Please note: all our products are shipped in branded boxes.

Our special, 144 proof, limited edition "High High Proof" moonshine is now available once again! Limited numbers!

High High Proof is a fivefold filtered moonshine with an alcohol concentration of 72%, extra strong, just as smooth, providing that further kick for the more robust moonshine lovers.

For those new to Moonshine: it was an illegal grain alcohol distilled during the era of the American Prohibition, bottled in traditional Mason Jars to avoid the suspicion of the authorities. O’Donnell Moonshine brings just a hint of that infamous epoch to a new generation. So, discover your rebel spirit!