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16er Micro Moonshine Box

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The Micros: 16 x Micro-sized Moonshine

There's a whole new Mason Jar size - the Micros! 

  • 16 x O'Donnell Micro Shots (20ml each)
  • Filled in our stylish Micro Mason Jars
  • Varieties: Tough Nut, Sticky Toffee, Wild Berry and Macadamia
  • Natural flavours only | gluten & allergen free | vegan
  • Please note: all our products are shipped in branded boxes.

Our 16er Micro Moonshine Box is perfect as a mini Moonshine treat that is just waiting for you to take on your next trip! 

Recipe ideas can be found on our cocktails page.

For those new to Moonshine: it was an illegal grain alcohol distilled during the era of the American Prohibition, bottled in traditional Mason Jars to avoid the suspicion of the authorities. O’Donnell Moonshine brings just a hint of that infamous epoch to a new generation. So, discover your rebel spirit!