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Mini Moonshine

Mini Moonshine

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Do you want to try a flavour before picking up a full jar?

You're in the right place! Pick up a Mini Moonshine (50ml) here.

*Only available as a Gang Reward*

Pick a flavour of your choice:

  • Tough Nut (50ml) - Hazelnut and fine caramel notes paired with a hint of nougat
  • Sticky Toffee (50ml) - Deliciously sweet, rich & smooth toffee flavour
  • Wild Berry (50ml) - Fresh berries and red summer fruits, with notes of blackberry, raspberries and currants
  • Very Cherry (50ml) - Fruity cherry with a hint of vanilla
  • Macadamia (50ml) - Delicate nut liquor with a tempting sweetness
  • Roasted Apple (50ml) - Fruity and sweet apple liquor with notes of almond, vanilla and cinnamon

For those new to Moonshine: it was an illegal grain alcohol distilled during the era of the American Prohibition, bottled in traditional Mason Jars to avoid the suspicion of the authorities. O’Donnell Moonshine brings just a hint of that infamous epoch to a new generation. So, discover your rebel spirit!

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