Seven Simple & Simply Perfect Cocktails & Moonshine Serves

Seven Simple & Simply Perfect Cocktails & Moonshine Serves

We love fancy and flamboyant cocktails here at O'Donnell. What's not to love? That perfect blend of sweet and sour, or fruity mixes with that extra kick. The only thing is, well, they can sometimes get a little bit faffy can't they? Huge lists of ingredients, bitters, syrups, strainers, shakers, garnishes and so many different types of glasses it can sometimes be hard to know where to begin. 

So, as much as we love our fancy and theatrical cocktails, we decided to keep things simple today, with our list of seven 'Simply Perfect' Moonshine serves. 

Our Perfect Serves are mixes of just two or three ingredients (one of them obviously a Moonshine) that come together to create simple, but simply divine, drinking experiences that anyone can make, anywhere, in any glass, in just a few minutes. 


1. Tough Nut Neat 

So, without further ado, let's begin with the most simple serve and our most popular flavour; Tough nut neat or 'on the rocks'. All you will need for this one is a glass, ice, a decent double measure of Tough Nut Moonshine, and perhaps a good book!

Pour your Tough Nut into a glass over ice and enjoy! - Simple!

Tough Nut on the rocks


2. High Proof and Tonic 

Simple and refreshing the High Proof and Tonic is O'Donnell's answer to the humble G&T and it REALLY packs a punch!

For this one add 50ml of High Proof (or High High Proof for that real Moonshine authenticity) and ice to a tall glass. Top up with tonic water and add an (optional) slice of lemon to garnish.

High Proof and Tonic


3. Cherry Cola

We couldn't possibly miss this one off - it's a classic!

Mix a generous portion (at least 50ml) of Very Cherry Moonshine with Cola in a tall glass with ice. There you have it - a classic Cherry Cola, with a big ol' Moonshine kick!

Cherry Cola


4. Milk and Cookies 

This one's so wholesome you could almost share it with the kids - well, it would be, were it not for all of the Moonshine. 

Add 80ml of Cookie Moonshine and ice to the glass of your choosing. Top up with around 120 ml of milk, or your favourite milk alternative. Enjoy!

Milk and Cookies


5. Spicy Apple 

For number five we have an unbeatable winter go to, that perfectly blends the delicate flavours of our Roasted Apple Moonshine, with the warming spices of ginger beer. 

Simply mix a generous measure of Roasted Apple Moonshine (approx 80ml) with spicy ginger beer (approx 120ml). Stir gently in a glass with ice and garnish with slices of apple (optional).

Spicy Apple

6. Sticky Toffee Apple 

Conjure up those Halloween and Bonfire Night vibes all year round with this simple recipe that combines two absolutely classic flavours. 

Add a generous measure (at least 60ml) of Sticky Toffee Moonshine to a glass with ice. Top up the glass with fizzy apple and garnish with a slice of lime. Simple!

Sticky Toffee Apple


7. Wild Berry Lemonade 

There's nothing better than a cool lemonade on a warm day, other than, maybe a cool lemonade with Moonshine! Our Wild Berry Lemonade marries the sweetness of Wild Berry Moonshine with the sharpness and refreshing fizz of lemonade!

Simply, add 60ml of Wild Berry Moonshine to a tall glass with ice and top up with lemonade. Stir gently and garnish with slices of fresh lemon. 

Wild Berry Lemonade

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